1 ‘B’ Squadron Patrols Perimeter

B Squadron Patrols Perimeter

September 17, 2009 – October 23, 2009

Douglas College

The Amelia Douglas Gallery

New Westminster, British Columbia

In January of 2008 Rob invited Joe to read at his first show – WORKING – at the Autumn Brook Gallery in downtown Vancouver:

“Although I’d read some of Joe’s work back in the day, it wasn’t until I read his artist’s statement that I really connected. After reading a number of his ‘bee poems’ I put together ‘B’ Squadron Patrols Perimeter and I was hooked.”

What followed was a kind of digital jam session conducted over the internet and via email – culminating in 20 new digital canvases and an ‘out there’ approach to poetry – putting it on the wall instead of hiding it in a book…


Rob Farrow (cell) 778.389.5992 ….. (eMail) rafdigital@gmail.com

Rob’s WebLog

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