“We’re from the government and we’re here to help”

…the problem with free advice is that it usually comes with a sales pitch…

US Small Business Administration

US Small Business Administration

Most of our western governments recognize the importance of small business and attempt to provide support. When small business accounts for more than 40% of total employment, governments take notice. To some extent it seems that this is motivated by an attempt to “take credit” for providing an environment in which small business can flourish.

and governments can easily find service providers to put on free – or low cost – seminars to prospective clients as a way to showcase their skills and make personal connections. When I’ve attended some of these in the past, I often felt I’d be better off with someone who is too busy working to spend time networking…

Alternatively they sometimes try to get administrative staff to share their “business insights”. Of course, in most cases 5 or so years working in the public sector destroys what’s left of any business insights their staff may have had.

Buying eyeballs…

Many online aggregators sell eyeballs to online sellers of software and services…in exchange for favourable reviews. Or they just sell advertising in exchange for “advice”…

It isn’t only the government that gets into the act. Entrepreneur Magazine also provides their 2 cents worth in an article by Tim Berry.

The article also contains an ad for business planning

Advertorial in Entrepreneur Magazine