Key Concepts

Key Concepts

We’ve identified 6 key concepts fundamental to understanding how to provide good business advice

6 Key Concepts

1. Size Matters

Wasp Barcode Study

2. Risk Management vs Risk Taking

Deloitte – KPMG – PwC

3. Agile Development vs Waterfall


4. Minimum Viable Product vs Cash Flow

Lean Startup

5. Experience Matters

Tech Crunch

6. Vision vs Collaboration

Great Man

At the end of the day great business advisors imbue ALL of their work with good business advice. They recognize that their business clients are the operational experts in their own, particular business. As professional accountants our key business advice generally intersects with accounting, tax and financial reporting.

We’re also experienced in using technology…

Typically good business advice should leverage the experience and knowledge of the client and be complementary to the client’s own experience.